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Herald columnist Jim DeFede's odyssey across the United States as he delivers the Virgin Mary cheese sandwich to Las Vegas.

Tuesday, November 30, 2004

No One Home at the Ranch 

From Austin I drove to Waco and then out to Crawford. I will have more on the Crawford segment of my trip tomorrow, but I did drive out to President Bush's ranch at about 10 p.m.

The VMGCS and I were greeted by blinding light when we drove up to the gate. I knew the president wasn't here, but I hoped I could show her to some of the Secret Service guys on duty. I waited by the front gate with the motor running for several minutes, figuring someone would come out and want to question me. But no onedid.

I thought about getting out of the Caddy, but I started to imagine what the Secret Service snipers would think if I suddenly got out of this car carrying a steel briefcase and babbling something about grilled cheese and the Virgin Mary. They would put a bullet between my eyes before I could close my car door.

So I backed up and drove away.

posted by Jim DeFede at 11:46 PM

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